Flourless Chocolate Cherry Cashew Butter Cookie - Paleo and Grain-Free Cookie made with Cashew Butter

Flourless Chocolate Cherry Cashew Butter Cookies

Chocolate + dried cherries + cashew butter = grain-free cookie perfection. As a big fan of peanut butter cookies, but not a fan of all the flour and sugar,  these flourless cashew butter cookies are a most delicious replacement.  Read more

Instant Pot - Oxtail Ragu - Paleo + Whole30

Instant Pot Oxtail Ragu

The deeply, spiced aroma of braised oxtail transports me back to Italy instantly.  In Italy, Coda alla Vaccinara is made into a stew that eats like a sauce, traditionally made in Rome.  The rich oxtail spiced with cinnamon and juniper just begs to be eaten with a big bowl of pasta, creamy polenta or zucchini noodles, if you’re paleo-ish like we are.

Read more

Paleo Jalapeno Poppers with Cashew Cream Cheese

Paleo Jalapeno Poppers with Cashew Cream Cheese

I looooooove ooey gooey cream cheese filled, bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers.  I would choose them over the fanciest of appetizers any day of the week. Except for one thing. The cheese. It doesn’t make me feel great. Cue the sad music. When  I noticed cashew cream ‘cheese’ popping up in cheese aisles all over the place, my very first thought was, yaaaas! paleo jalapeno poppers!  Read more

Hi, I’m Leslie-Anne – A chef and former carb addict sharing my “paleo-ish” lifestyle through my love of cooking!

I know what it’s like to struggle with healthy eating. In 2013, after completing the Whole30, I lost about 60 lbs, completely changed my relationship with food and discovered that the paleo style of eating really worked for me. I realized that making small dietary changes could improve my health fairly easily and I couldn’t stop preaching the paleo-love to all my friends.

I like to think of my paleo approach as paleo-ish. I am not a zealot – I love an occasional crusty slice of sourdough bread as much as I can get down with a bowl of zoodles and meatballs. For me, this paleo-ish thing is all about moderation and eating in a style that makes me feel vibrant and healthy.

If you’re new to FPTP, welcome! Check out the Recipe Index to find all my paleo-ish and Whole30 recipes, and be sure to sign up for my free 7-day meal plan that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, time-saving tips and corresponding grocery list.

Then, head over to my Whole30 Diary to have a laugh or commiserate with my first Whole30 Diary. FPTP’s Most Popular Recipes can be found below, and don’t miss the comprehensive set of resources for living a paleo-ish lifestyle here.

Healthy food doesn’t have to sacrifice flavour. From Pasta to Paleo is all about making paleo-ish style eating easy, interesting and delicious. There is nothing that excites me more than sharing recipes, techniques and meal plans to make healthy eating easier, and I’m excited to share my experience and journey with you!

Clean eating is a daunting task for any food-enthusiast such as myself. I can honestly say From Pasta to Paleo has inspired me to make clean eating one of my daily objectives, and the guidance offered through Leslie’s posts have allowed me to complete Whole 30 and to continue indulging in a Paleo diet. The pictures of her food hook you, and the honesty, warmth and encouragement in her words gives you that gentle push to accomplish it for yourself. I eagerly try every new recipe she posts – none have been short of awesome!

-Christina D, Toronto – 30-something recovering Carbaholic

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