In 2013, embarking on the terrifying prospect of starting the whole30, I wrote my first blog post that started this delicious voyage of healthy eating.

Hello, I have a problem. I am a carb addict. I think most people are but I am sick of it. I want to have energy without sugar. I want to be able to keep up with my wee toddler. I want to be healthier and I want my whole family to be healthier. I want to teach my son good eating habits. I do not want to become diabetic. I  want to have more children and would like to have the healthiest pregnancies possible. I want to be proud of my food choices. I would like to not instinctually reach for a sugary snack. I need a health reality check. I am an all or nothing kind of person.  I needed a plan to guide me through a detox of sorts. and I think I found it. Two days ago, I read‘It Starts with Food’ in one ravenous sitting. It didn’t teach me anything I didn’t already know, but reinforced a lot of ideas that I believe to be true. I am no stranger to the idea that whole, real food from natural, organic and good places are the best option. I have taken classes in nutrition, I am a trained cook, I agree with the tenets of Slow Food, I worked at a beautiful restaurant in Italy that created the most gorgeous seasonal creations. So how do I not practice what I preach? When you know better, you do better? I know better and don’t do better. This must change. It’s easy to get sucked into quick and sugar-laden food.  I want to stop it. So, I am.

Whole30 is a plan with the basic premise of “Food should make you healthy” and that sugar, grains, legumes and dairy can have negative impacts on your overall health. The plan is a 30-day, no cheats allowed way to re-set your body. For more information, check out this .pdf of the plan.

Here we go, wish me luck.