I have been asked about cavemen a lot this month. It's so unfortunate that this way of eating has such a ridiculous association with the paleolithic. I just do not stand behind the caveman dogma, it seems so preposterous. flintstones

I have done a lot of food reading in the past few months years, and the best resource I've found for describing the why's and how's of this thing called 'paleo' is Practical Paleo. Dianne Sanfilippo has created a no-nonsense, dogma-free book that is extraordinarily helpful. Paleo is eating real food, unprocessed and without most forms of dairy (raw milk is debatable), sugar (maple syrup and honey seem to be acceptable) or grains. Of course, this is touted as a lifestyle and not a diet, so each person needs to make their own decisions about what works in their body and what doesn't.

Finishing the whole30 leaves us thinking about where we go from here. Do we reintroduce dairy, grains, sugar, alcohol to see how they make us feel for those days when we want to eat them? Do we reintroduce and then start another whole30?

Among my current obsessions is this fun paleo podcast, Balanced Bites, by Sanfilippo and Liz Wolfe. These gals are funny, a great real-food source of information and they aren't paleo-robots!

On the Balanced Bites website there are some very helpful .pdf's if you are starting a paleo style of eating, or need a reminder:

Guide to Paleo Foods (.pdf) Stocking a Paleo Pantry (.pdf) Guide to Cooking Fats (.pdf) Guide to Sweeteners (.pdf) Guide to Dense Forms of Paleo Carbs (.pdf)  Guide to Gluten (.pdf)