day three: burger night

I did not want to cook tonight. At all. But I did. I watched NYC Prep to get through it, judge away. I used some Beretta Farms ground beef and made some thick burgers seasoned with fennel pollen*, caramelized a ton of onions, roasted tomatoes, made a lemony anchovy-caper dressing for a lacinato kale salad, baked some bacon, and roasted sweet potatoes. I made extras of all of the condiments so I could add them to my various salads and proteins over the next couple of days. It was a delicious meal for which there is no photo because I did not eat until 9:30pm and the lighting in our current living space is so very dark. dinner: burger with caramelized onion and mustard, kale salad, sweet potatoes

*my burger-making secret weapon