day three: cocky until 3pm

I was feeling pretty good about not having insane cravings up to this point but I hit the 3pm wall. Everyday I feel utterly useless at 3pm, so I figured if I cut out sugar I would feel better, but I suppose 3 days of no sugar isn't going to solve that problem because I was ravenously hungry after a boring lunch of guac, chicken and veggies. The whole30 website has the timeline of emotions during this process, I am currently at "The Hangover" - I am expected to have headaches, fatigue and general malaise. Having a toddler doesn't really allow for active laziness, but I sure felt like I could have plopped on the couch and watched a reality tv marathon this afternoon. I am trying to abide by the "no snacking" rule, it is so hard. It is recommended if snacking is essential (and in my mind, there was nothing more essential at that very moment!), that a mini-meal is eaten instead of a solitary piece of fruit or some nuts - so I had some of that spicy meat filling that I had left over from the stuffed peppers. It felt very strange to eat a bowl of tomatoey meat for a snack, but it certainly helped get me through to dinnertime. Tomorrow I am expected to hit the KILL ALL THINGS portion of this process. I did see a glimmer of that anger today while watching Anthony Bourdain mow down on fried chicken. Damn him. I erased it from my PVR immediately.

lunch: chicken, guac, veggie sticks snack: meaty saucy bowl o' goodness