day four: good day for a salad

Kill-all-things has gone, I am feeling very good, it could be the Friday placebo effect but I bet it has something to do with all the crap I haven't been eating. I am not feeling bloated or uncomfortable, I feel pretty, pretty, pretty good. In celebration of Toronto's beautifully sunny weather and nap-time I made a kale/chard/spinach salad with that leftover lemon-anchovy-caper-thyme dressing. I topped it with a small avocado, Beretta Farms pre-cooked chicken (a lifesaver in our household) and cashews. Gloriously fresh, healthy and delicious. I only wish I'd made it a bit bigger.

lunch: kale.chard.spinach, lemon anchovy caper thyme dressing, avocado, chicken, cashews beverage: teaPop!