day four: summery tea 'pop'

David's Tea, a beloved favourite of mine, has a new product called 'TeaPop!" where any tea can be carbonated and iced to make a fizzy refreshing drink. It's easy to make and such a nice respite from plain water. I went in and found a tea that did not have dairy, sugar, or natural flavouring - which is not an easy task, though David's teas are wonderful, its the added bits and boo-bobs that make them so unique. I got an Organic Blood Orange Pu'erh tea and set to make a teapop! to enjoy the nap-time silence. Pu'erh tea is a Chinese black tea that is fermented and has a slew of beneficial health properties, but it is caffeinated so I will have to be careful of this particular teapop! creation later in the day.