day five: sugar beach

Having a very small breakfast and going to the Brickworks Farmers Market was rough. We went to buy grassfed beef and pastured pork and lamb but I felt assaulted with all the delicious smells from the Jamie Kennedy fry guys and my most favourite waffles covered in seasonal berries. I will not go to that market hungry again. It will be the death of my whole30 effort. Toddlers are unpredictable so we ended up at Sugar Beach for lunch-time. No actual sugar was consumed at this fun Toronto waterfront white-sand beach, but we did have a sweet scrounged snack "picnic" of an apple, cashews, banana and water. Let's call it a slight fast. A lot of frolicking in the splash-pad and a sunburn later and a nice afternoon was had by all.

breakfast: eggs with caramelized onions lunch: 4 bites of an apple, 1/4 banana, handful of cashews, bottle of water post-lunch: chicken breast leftovers