day seven: super enzymes

Our dinner tonight was ugly. I did not take a photo, it did not deserve one. Let's leave it at that. Day seven has proven to be challenging in the gastro-intestinal department. After doing some whole30 research and asking my naturopath-in-training friend, I have procured some supplements. I got Now brand Super Enzymes on the recommendation of the whole30 supplement page - they should be good in helping my body breakdown fats, carbs and protein - so, I suppose food in general - this is especially good because I no longer have a gallbladder that would traditionally deal with extra bile in my system. The ingredient list has something I thought was very peculiar and has my husband feeling a bit squeamish about taking them - they contain 100 mg of OX BILE. Ox bile is not a clever name, it actually is the bile of an Ox, it is supposed to be helpful in digesting fats.

The other supplement I got was an acidophilus & bifidus probiotic - but I looked at the ingredient list and it contains lactose, whey powder, and powdered goats milk, so i think I will refrain from taking it until the end of the strict whole30 phase. Is it possible to get a probiotic that doesn't have these added ingredients?


At Organic Garage, I found another fermented natural no-sugar product that should help with gut flora, Karthein's Organic unpasteurized Sauerkraut. This sauerkraut is mild with a hint of juniper and a great topper to our boring ugly sausages. Oh my, I just realized we had sausages at breakfast and lunch - perhaps we need a moratorium on sausages for next weeks shopping! dinner: farmers sausage, sauerkraut, coconut milk coleslaw, mixed greens with basil lemon vinaigrette