day seven: big salad


Lunch time again, big salad on the patio time. I bought a happy pre-roasted chicken (is there such a thing as a truly happy roasted chicken?) and added it to gorgeous greens from Victory Organic. I swear these greens are so beautiful and delicious that I almost always have to take an iPhone photo of them - they are gorgeous. The kale mix is my favourite, but sadly they weren't in stock, we got three (!) other types to fill the salad quotient for the week. You may notice two things about my photo, one - there is a pickle on the side, and two, the newspaper is two days old. Toddlers make me two days late in the news. Often I don't know what day it is. The pickle is a delicious discovery from the Organic Garage expedition - from Sonoma Brinery, these pickles are all natural, barrel fermented, probiotic, and no sugar! Booyah. Whole30 wisdom suggests eating fermented foods to help gut flora, so these are good-to-go! Great products for making whole30 life a little more interesting and easier.

lunch: victory organic greens, chicken, avocado, pickle, white wine vinegar and olive oil