day seven: organic garage

Occasionally we find ourselves in Oakville and we always visit the Organic Garage. Organic Garage is an affordable (compared to downtown) option for organic, natural products. They have an incredible selection of meat - emu, ostrich, venison! - oh my! We dropped our toddler off at Grandma & Grandpa's and spent a solid hour looking at labels at the wonderfully stocked at Organic Garage. We could not find any bacon that didn't have dextrose in it. Dammit bacon manufacturers, we want bacon without sugar! If anyone has a source, let me know! We found some 'british' breakfast sausage without any whole30 no-no's and ate them for breakfast today with eggs and our trusty roasted tomatoes. Day 7, almost a full week!

breakfast: eggs, mark's british pork sausages, roasted tomatoes