day six: a day out, ending in lamb chops

I was so tired last night that I fell asleep with my glasses in my hand and didn't move until I heard toddler cries in the morning. I am having the craziest lucid dreams lately, last night I was at the big crazy white rave party that happened at the Rogers centre, the night before we found an extra three bedrooms in our smallish house we are renovating. Unfortunately neither are true but I sure am sleeping better the last few days.

Today was a busy day, eating breakfast and dinner at other people's homes - everyone was warned of our extreme food needs and we had two lovely meals.

After a long day, we threw together a dinner of lamb chops, salad, almost incinerated brussels sprouts, and leftover roasted tomatoes.

This is not an inspired post, I have the hiccups and I am watching the red wedding on game of thrones!! Eep!!

breakfast: scrambled eggs, farmers sausage, bacon, fruit salad lunch: hamburger, salad, melon and blueberries dinner: lamb shoulder chops, brussels, salad, roasted tomatoes