day eight: week one check-in

Thoughts on week one: 

  • YES! I got through the first week. Let's celebrate with some macadamia nut butter!
  • It feels like I have been eating this way for months. Does time slow down when your thoughts are consumed with consumption of whole30 foods?
  • I feel very good most of the time.
  • I have not felt guilty about one morsel of food I have put in my mouth in an entire week. That feels nice.
  • I do not have a scale, but feel lighter. Perhaps this is a general lack of bloating but I'll take it.
  • Sourcing grass-fed beef in Ontario isn't the easiest if you don't stock up at the farmers market.
  • I know having a baby is harder, but I do miss cream in my coffee.
  • I think I am a day behind in the whole30 timeline - angry a day late, tired a day late.
  • I love lettuce wraps as a crunchy substitute for corn/wheat wraps.
  • Snacks are sometimes a necessity.

Improvements for week two: 

  • More vegetables incorporated into each meal - breakfast is a hard one for me. Blech.
  • Find something I enjoy that isn't eggs for breakfast. I am weary of eggs.
  • Always carry nuts, an apple and a bottle of water to avoid the HANGRYness while out in the world.
  • Sleep earlier. I am so so sleepy.

breakfast: eggs, leftover mark's sausage, roasted tomato, french press coffee