Last night my husband and I each had a half-banana, a 1/4 cup of blueberries topped with a bit of macadamia nut butter, hazelnut butter and cold coconut milk. We loved it. Macadamia nut butter is a revelation. Then my husband says "We really shouldn't be eating dessert." And we feel guilty... for eating fruit and nut butter.

I consult the interweb and search "whole30 dessert" and find this article ominously titled Dessert Demons in Disguise. Basically, our 'dessert' was not okay because the whole30 is supposed to help you detach from your mind/body's habitual eating when you aren't hungry, to stop the feeling of not being satisfied after dinner until something sweet has passed your lips. My feelings on this go two ways: yes, I agree - dessert is not a necessity and we are conditioned to want sweet at certain times regardless of actual hunger but also, we chose to have a small amount of fruit and nut butter - a huge departure from ice cream. The whole30 gods suggest that we should incorporate sweet into our main meal to quelch that craving, or to create a new after dinner habit, a cup of herbal tea immediately after. Creating a new habit is a great idea. Thing is, it is strawberry season, and berries are totally whole30, so when am I supposed to eat them? I am not supposed to snack or have dessert. I would consider a strawberry or watermelon salad to be dessert even if eaten while I mow down on a steak. We ate our 'dessert' last night immediately after our dinner - if it was on the same plate, is it part of our meal?

What's a good student of whole30 to do?