day eleven: ragu belly

Friday is a tough day in my mommyverse, there is a touch of excitement to have Daddy around all weekend but the general feeling is of exhaustion coupled with rapidly dwindling patience.  I did not eat well again today. Nothing off whole30, but I felt unprepared and utterly hung over without having delicious cocktails the night before. Breakfast was scrambled eggs eaten without a speck of enjoyment and a french press coffee. After a full morning at the park, lunch was eaten with the same disinterest - chorizo sausage, salad, watermelon. During nap-time, I threw together a beef ragu with peppers, zucchini and olives for some depth that I would usually get from parmesan rind or red wine. The sauce was delicious but I snacked on it all afternoon and felt so gross the rest of the night. Once my husband got home, I made some spaghetti squash and a salad. Too tired for photos or colourful commentary.

breakfast: coffee, eggs lunch: chorizo sausage, salad, watermelon dinner: spaghetti squash, grass-fed beef ragu, salad