day twelve: cupcakes & dining out

Day twelve was a series of whole30 tests of willpower. Saturday began at the Brickworks Farmers Market - usually we eat the most delicious Jamie Kennedy french fries with garlicky aioli but instead we forked over an awful lot of money for happy, well raised, pastured meats. The market teems with reasonably healthy whole foods to eat for breakfast, but we couldn't have any of them. Our son had a rhubarb oat bar that smelled heavenly and was the biggest temptation I have faced so far. A baby shower filled with carby treats and gorgeous cupcakes was the next challenge. Even the veggies were pre-dipped, a very cute idea but I had to be a (healthy) weirdo and ask for plain veggies.

We ended up going to the House on Parliament for dinner. My husband looked at the menu and declared we couldn't eat anything, I talked to the server, who also happened to be a nutrition student and she set us up with a steak, no butter, and a huge side salad with lemon and olive oil. It felt nice to be a part of dining out society again, even with a club soda instead of a cask ale.

breakfast: eggs, coffee lunch: apple, hazelnut butter, mixed nuts, Americano with coconut milk snack: veggie sticks, berries dinner: steak, olive oil and lemon, big salad with pepitas