whole30 = expensive?


My husband and I have always bought fairly good quality foods, our grocery budget has never been small. In the past, we chose organics veggies and best quality meats over conventional depending on its availability and our relative feeling of prosperity. Some weeks, we loaded up on Costco meats, and others we went to the farmers market. With the whole30, it is recommended that all protein be grass-fed, grass-finished, pastured, organic and wild-caught. I agree with this stance on protein but have found it both extraordinarily expensive and difficult to source through conventional shopping. We have access to these foods at the farmers market and a few specialty butchers, but the prices (some may say 'true cost') is exorbitant in downtown Toronto. Two steaks for $40 is not reasonable (for us) for everyday eating.

The Whole30 website states that 'being tired, run-down, sick and overweight is pretty 'expensive' too' - while ideologically I agree with this statement, when it comes to practicality, how does one eat whole30 without breaking the bank?

I think the answer is buying directly from a farmer - through a meat CSA, or in a bulk order. I think the best advice I could give someone who wants to try this plan is to have a freezer stocked with acceptable proteins before starting. The bulk of stress about the whole30 has been about sourcing good meat. We are picking up 20 lbs of pork and 10 lbs of beef from Willo'Wind Farm this weekend at the Junction Farmers Market for about $5.50/$6 a pound - a vast improvement on the $40 steaks I did not end up buying last weekend.

Does anyone else have any good ideas for saving money while doing the whole30?