day fifteen: week two check-in

Thoughts on week two:

  • It isn't hard to make the right food choices. It's hard to have choices when out of the house and unprepared.
  • Michael Pollan is a genius, though I am a bit worried about reading the section of his new book on bread-making.
  • Week two doesn't seem to be as much of a celebration as week one because these choices are becoming more habitual.
  • My clothes are loose, it's getting comical in the saggy drawers department.
  • My skin is nicer than its been in a while.
  • Eggs are still not my everyday friend.
  • Quite a few headaches this week, unsure if allergy/weather related.
  • Snacks are sometimes necessary when dinner isn't until 9pm.
  • TMI alert: my GI tract is in transition - Super Enzyme is helping.

Improvements for week three:

  • Try a more chicken/pork/fish centric diet this week to see if beef is upsetting my stomach.
  • More vegetables, this is always something to improve on.
  • No sausages. I need a break!
  • More sleep, always, more sleep.

breakfast: apple, nuts, coffee, coconut milk lunch: big salad, kale, chard, spinach, avocado, chicken, strawberries, walnuts, asparagus dinner: lamb burgers, roasted squash soup, big salad