Sorry, Neo Cavemen, But Your Paleo Diet is Pretty Much Bullshit

Oh Jezebel, I love your smarmy ways. Years ago, I  rolled my eyes at my paleo-eating caveman husband - see my non-paleo blog on making beef jerky for proof. I think the Paleo diet has a way of turning off a multitude of people (myself included) because of its branding. People get fixated on the preposterousness of it all.

"Oh, would they drink sparkling water during the Paleolithic?"

Using the term Paleo as a catch-all to mean a specific diet free of grains, legumes, dairy, processed foods and sugar is a double edged sword - it is a 'brand' that most people can associate with a type of eating but it also allows for literalists to get wrapped up in semantics.

I think Jezebel is missing the point - a lot of people have found great benefits from the Paleo style of eating and most of them do not consider themselves neo-cavemen or care about the purportedly Palaeolithic reasoning behind their diet. Eating non-processed foods and the best quality meats, fish and vegetables should not be controversial, it should be common sense.