day sixteen: tiger blood

The tiger blood phase on the whole30is not a myth. Energy levels are at an all time high and I feel great. Going to sleep at night is a challenge because I don't feel that tired and I am reading the incredibly interesting book, The Power of Habits. Waking up isn't as rough as normal, even though we have no bedroom door at the moment and our toddler is very exuberant at 5:30am. My husband mentioned that he loves how he feels but really likes ice cream and pizza. It's hard to figure out how to reasonably transition from whole30 rigid rules to real life, paleo style. What will our food rules be? Thankfully we have 14 more days in the relative ease and comfort of the whole30 to figure it out. breakfast: apple, nuts, coffee lunch: BIG salad with chicken and veggies dinner: pastured pork chop, roasted sweet potato, salad