day twenty-two: week three check-in

thoughts on week three: 

  • Feeling lighter and more lighthearted.
  • Though the bachelorette this season is incredibly cheesy, it does not fill my occasional desire for feta cheese in my salad.
  • whole30 is still tricky for those busy days where lunch is on the run.
  • Healthy habits are continuing to be formed: tea after dinner instead of dessert is a start.
  • Cooking is my passion but I find I am tiring of the constant grind to produce acceptable food whilst toddler minding.
  • Eggs are a huge problem for my GI tract, may consult a paleo holistic nutritionist if this continues.
  • Meat directly from the farm is the way to go.

improvements for week four:

  • More vegetables, always, more vegetables.
  • Breakfast is an issue. Work it out. Eat more than coffee, apples & nuts.
  • Make several freezer meals for quick lunches and sides.
  • Figure out our house 'food rules' going forward without the strict whole30 framework

breakfast: coffee, coconut milk, almonds, apple, raspberries