on completing the whole30...

Two days after I read It Starts with Food, I started the Whole30. I've had many curious conversations over the past month. I heard many 'I couldn't give up...grain/sugar/dairy' - guess what, I bet you could - I did. It's not that hard. I am a trained Italian cook, my specialties are hand-made pastas and risotto, I love cooking and food with a burning passion and I did it. It is a definite sacrifice from 'normal' food, but I'm not sure how I feel about 'normal' food, or how 'normal' food makes me feel. It's so funny that 'normal' food is grains and dairy and whole, fresh, foods are considered quirky. I heard 'I don't eat that many processed foods' - I bet you do,  I didn't realize how many I ate until I stopped altogether - the shocking thing was how much sugar is in every goddamned product - ketchup, mayo, mustard, pickles, deli meats, fish sauce...and on and on.

Whole30 is a great re-set to get your mind around the idea of eating very well. This may not be a perfect way of eating for everyone, and I am sure we will adapt the basic whole30 ideas to our real lives, but this has made our family feel really good about what we are eating and where it is coming from.

I'll get off my tiny soap-box now. I hate preachy people. Ergh.

thoughts on whole30:

  • I feel great, lighter, leaner and more energetic.
  • I estimate I have lost about 12-15 pounds and my clothing is either too big or fitting better.
  • Whole30 is a commitment to cooking a lot and planning out meals in advance.
  • There were times where I wasn't able to eat anything when otherwise healthy food was available but didn't meet whole30 plan. (ie. vegetable oil listed on nuts, fresh fruit/veg juices were available)
  • Sugar is in almost everything! Cane sugar in chicken stock - yikes! not necessary!
  • Whole30 seems extreme but isn't so hard if you have complete control of your food - very difficult for social engagements/restaurants - although we made it work a few times. Thank you, kind server at The House on Parliament.
  • Reintroducing foods I haven't been eating is stressful because I don't want to have to battle the dairy/sugar/wheat demons again.

improvements for...life?:

  • Keep on track with whole food eating, dairy/grain/sugar only on occasion. It must be worth it.
  • Explore 'paleo' recipe development.
  • Continue to transition my toddler to more veggies and less-grains.