sweet potato drop biscuits

As a former employee of Toronto's venerable Cookbook Store, it's not so hard to spot ill-written cookbooks and limp recipes. Many books are visually pleasing but it takes a lot for me to recommend a book after recipe testing. Beyond Bacon hits on all marks. It is a gorgeous tribute to our delicious porcine friends, from nose-to-tail. This 'paleo' book is excellent compared to all cookbooks in the nose-to-tail category. What strikes me most about this book is the depth of cooking, the care and obvious recipe testing that went into its making. Beyond Bacon is not a dumbed-down, slow cooker, 3-easy-steps paleo book - these recipes are for people who enjoy the process of cooking. I appreciate that...so, thanks Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry, I like your style. I made their Sweet Potato Drop Biscuits - they were loved by all and will be making an appearance at our thanksgiving table. They were kind enough to provide the full recipe on their website, go check it out!