banana bread

My paleo spectrum is becoming a bit too liberal these days. On a scale of standard american diet to whole30, I lean close to whole30 but I can feel the slippery slope of paleo-treats rearing its almond flour jaws and swallowing me whole. I'm torn; paleofied treats are still better than normal treats - almond flour beats refined flour, dates beat sugar, coconut oil slaughters canola oil...but, I still feel like they substitute a habit I had begun to overcome while on the whole30. Desserts, bread-based breakfasts and constant treats are not winners in the game of feeling healthy and losing inches. So, this banana bread. It's great. It's not my lovely Aunt Peggy's banana bread, but it's very-excellent-for-healthy. Toddler approved and Mommy approved but conflicted about it's existence on her counter (and in her belly).

This wonderful grain-free recipe can be found in Against All Grain, a lovely, well crafted cookbook by blogger extraordinaire, Danielle Walker.