whole 30 round two

Well hello again, whole30. I think we'll have a different relationship this time round. I assume we will play nice, no headaches, no hate-all-things-phase, it'll be all tiger blood and sweet dreams. The whole 30 couldn't possibly be difficult for a converted paleo-eater. Let's ignore my discretions, okay? Dark chocolate, red wine, coconut milk in a carton, store-bought mayo (gasp!), gluten-free cookie splurges, goat cheese, sheep feta...I won't miss them. Nope. This will be easy, right?* Nevermind the seasonal differences of whole 30 in the summer versus the winter. Who needs ripe, juicy, local tomatoes? Gross. Winter squash and kale all day everyday. Let's do this.

Sigh. This is going to be tough. At least I received Nom Nom Paleo in the mail today.

Day one: wish me luck.

*also, holiday eating, including but not limited to: pizza, burgers, fries, an A&W root beer, peanut brittle, milk chocolate, tequila, sea salted caramels...