five keys to a successful whole 30

The first time I read 'It Starts with Food' something clicked for me.  I began whole 30 the next day, started this blog and had no idea what I was doing or how I would manage - but completed it and felt amazing. My second whole 30 I knew what to expect and having spent more than a year eating mostly paleo, it wasn't such a huge adjustment. Starting my third whole 30 was brutal. Four months after having a baby, gaining most of my pre-paleo weight back, being exhausted from life with two kids, being totally sugar and caffeine addled - it was a challenge, but as they say 'Beating cancer is hard. Birthing a baby is hard. Drinking your coffee black. Is. Not. Hard.' So, how does one keep on track? Or moreover, how does one even get close to being near the track? After reflecting on my previous whole30's I have come up with some tips to help you (and me) get through.


Drink the proverbial (kombucha-based) kool-aid

Get onboard, read 'It Starts with Food', follow @whole30 and @frompastatopaleo (shameless plug) on instagram, join the whole30 message board, listen to paleo podcasts (balanced bites + nom nom paleo), start a blog, post on instagram - immerse yourself. Posting photos and writing keeps me on track, accountable and motivated to do well.

Get to know your local vendors

The whole 30 is about preparedness. Get to know which local restaurants you can grab a quick lunch or dinner at in a pinch, which farmers have the best quality meat, where to buy ghee, where to pick up whole30 approved rotisserie chicken or bone broth to make life 100% easier. A quick search on the whole 30 message board for your area can help with this.

Strength in Numbers!

Make it a group event. Whether its your partner, your friends or an online community - it helps to have support and a group of people to share your victories and challenges with. I would never have been able to get through my first whole30 without constantly texting a friend and my husband's eagerness to participate.

Meal plans + Prep Sessions

Having a solid but flexible plan each week is key. My first whole 30 I flew by the seat of my pants and hoped for the best. My life is way busier now and that just isn't possible. Taking a few hours to prep veggies, braise a big batch of meat, blitz mayo, and make a few vinaigrettes saves me so much time and energy throughout the week and leaves me with zero excuses not to keep on track. More detailed info on prep and meal plans next week!

Knowing I will feel better after 30 days

The first whole30 you aren't quite sure what you are embarking on -  will you feel better or worse, will you lose weight, will you sleep better? As far as my experiencces go, I always feel cleaner, energetic and more balanced when I get in the habit of eating well. Knowing I will feel this way keeps me going even through the hellish days of sugar withdrawl and wanting to eat donuts out in the world.

So - who's in?