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I’m Leslie-Anne Weeks – a carb-loving, stay-at-home mom and professionally-trained chef on-hiatus living in Toronto. I know what it’s like to struggle with healthy eating.

In 2013, after completing the Whole30, I lost about 60 lbs, completely changed my relationship with food and discovered that the paleo style of eating really worked for me. I realized that making small dietary changes could improve my health fairly easily and I couldn’t stop preaching the paleo-love to all my friends.

I like to think of my paleo approach as paleo-ish. I am not a zealot – I love an occasional crusty slice of sourdough bread as much as I can get down with a bowl of zoodles and meatballs. For me, this paleo-ish thing is all about moderation and eating in a style that makes me feel vibrant and healthy.

I founded From Pasta to Paleo to share my love of cooking and to prove that healthy food doesn’t have to sacrifice flavour. From Pasta to Paleo is all about making paleo-ish style eating easy, interesting and delicious. There is nothing that excites me more than sharing recipes, techniques and meal plans to make healthy eating easier.

After graduating from the University of Toronto, I found myself working uninspiring desk jobs, making excel sheets and dreaming of winning the lottery and going to culinary school. One day I realized I didn’t need to win the lottery to go to culinary school – following my dreams, I applied to George Brown Chef School and started my training.

Leslie-Anne Weeks at La Palta

After a year and half of making consomme and veloute, I graduated and decided to take the plunge and enter a post-graduate Italian culinary program. I immersed myself in all things Italian and ended up training in Italy at the international culinary school ALMA and in a tiny village at a fantastic Michelin starred restaurant, La Palta.

Throughout my culinary career I have worked in everything from assistant food styling for a kids cooking show, to being a kitchen-ninja and occasional judge for a kick-ass taste test column, to fresh pasta-maker. I’ve taken a break from the daily culinary grind to stay home with my two sweet kids who cook up their own kind of mischief.


5 Random Tidbits About Leslie-Anne

  1. While working in a tiny town in Italy (population 70 + 1 Canadian) in an attempt to get internet reception in the dark of night I was almost run down by a wild boar. Apparently I’ll do anything to get my email!
  2. I love all things fennel. I even made my first video about how to cut it!
  3. One of my most embarrassing moments was spitting out a bite of black truffle at Alinea, one of the best restaurants in the world. It was 7 years ago and I still cringe thinking about it! (for the re-cap of my embarrassment and amazement of that meal – check out my old blog!)
  4. I’m a farmers market junkie. I’ve been known to hit-up five in one week!
  5. I don’t know how to drive a car. I’ve never even driven a go-cart. Life goal for 2017: Get a drivers license.


Leslie-Anne in Bilegno

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