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Hello, I’m Leslie-Anne, the creator of From Pasta to Paleo. Thanks for joining me on my paleo-ish journey. If you’re new to a paleo style of cooking, trying out your first Whole30 or a long-time paleo lover I hope you find the resources on this blog can make your life a bit easier and tastier!

I know what it’s like to struggle with healthy eating. I’m a carb-loving, slightly awkward stay-at-home mom and professionally trained Chef on-hiatus living in Toronto. 

Leslie From Pasta to Paleo

In 2013, after completing the Whole30, I lost about 60 lbs, completely changed my relationship with food and discovered that the paleo style of eating really worked for me. I realized that making small dietary changes could improve my health fairly easily and couldn’t stop preaching the paleo-love to all my friends.

I founded From Pasta to Paleo to share my love of cooking and to show you that healthy food doesn’t have to sacrifice flavour. From Pasta to Paleo is all about making paleo-ish style eating easy, interesting and delicious.

For more information on who I am and my paleo-ish journey, visit my About page.

What Do You Mean by Paleo-ish?

I’m all about the ish – that gray area where I eat the way that makes me feel best without blindly following any sort of caveman dogma. For me, this paleo-ish thing is all about moderation and eating in a style that makes me feel vibrant and healthy. Whether you are interested in simply adding healthier meals to your roster or trying out a strict paleo challenge, From Pasta to Paleo has everything you need to be successful.

Why I  LOVE the paleo style of eating:

  • it focuses on whole nutrient-dense foods
  • avoids processed food with unrecognizable ingredients
  • promotes well-raised protein sources and organic agriculture
  • enables gut health by including fermented foods
  • doesn’t involve sacrifices of flavour
  • makes me feel vibrant and healthy
  • is a frame-work for healthy eating that allows people to discover what works for their body

For a more in depth look at FPTP’s paleo-ish approach, visit my Paleo-ish Approach page.

Resources You’ll Find on FPTP

New to Paleo?

Check out our Paleo-Ish Approach for all the do’s + don’ts of the standard paleo-diet

New to the Whole30?

FPTP’s Kitchen Essentials

I’m often asked where I buy my favourite ingredients or what kitchen gadgets I’d recommend and which cookbooks I prefer. While I could chat forever about these types of questions, I’ve compiled all my essentials into the Shop section to make life easier!

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