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Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Kimchi - Paleo + Whole30 Recipe! A delicious way to add more fermented food to your meals!

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Kimchi

Brussels sprouts have a bad rep. They don't have to be the overcooked stink bombs of previous generations. It's a new generation of brussels sprouts - a roasted, crispy, creamy era for this tiniest of sprouts. If you haven't tried roasted brussels sprouts, now is the time! Then add kimchi and a quick rice wine vinaigrette and you're in sprout heaven. Seriously though, roasted brussels sprouts with kimchi are the hands-down favourite roasted veg side dish in our house. 

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Creamy Coleslaw - Paleo + Whole30 Recipe

Creamy Paleo Coleslaw + Spiralized Cabbage!

Am I alone in thinking that cabbage is so underrated?  It's fantastically crunchy and satisfying as a salad, it's a great slurpy addition to soup and don't even get me started on how delicious it is fermented as kimchi or sauerkraut! I'll take cabbage any way I can get it, but often I want a classic, creamy paleo coleslaw to accompany grilled meat, pulled pork or as a bunless burger topper.

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