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The Whole30 Cookbook Review + Giveaway

Disclosure: I received a copy of The Whole30 Cookbook from Penguin Random House Canada for review purposes. All opinions are my own, as always.

The Whole30 changed my life. After feeling stuck and out of control after having my first child, I found the Whole30 in 2013. Over that year, I lost about 60 lbs, completely changed my relationship with food and not only incorporated exercise into my life but loved it. Fast forward four years to a second child and feeling stressed out and putting myself on the back burner while consuming sugar and fast carbs as fuel and stress relief. As if through divine intervention, a package from Penguin Random House Canada arrived with a copy of The Whole30 Cookbook by Melissa Hartwig. This was the no-excuses, get-your-butt-in-gear poke that I needed to make strides forward.

I wanted to approach this review with fresh eyes and remember how full of hope, excitement and sheer terror I felt that first Whole30. The Whole30 is a 30-day reset to discover and target habits, relationships with food and sensitivities while removing dairy, sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, and certain additives. Do you see why I said, sheer terror? Moving from my standard North American diet to the Whole30 was a huge leap into the unknown. I’d like to assure you, the Whole30 Cookbook WILL HELP! If I’d had this cookbook the first time I attempted the Whole30 I would have been relieved at the variety of foods I could eat instead of focusing on the foods I couldn’t.

“Moving from my standard North American diet to the Whole30 was a huge leap into the unknown. I’d like to assure you, the Whole30 Cookbook WILL HELP! ”

The Whole30 Cookbook includes over 125 recipes from Melissa Hartwig and the biggest names in the paleo culinary scene. As a trained chef and primary cook for my family, it’s important to me that Whole30 and paleo cooking is flavour-forward, interesting and worthy of entertaining guests. Thankfully, sacrificing flavour is a non-issue with the Whole30 Cookbook as Melissa has included dishes with an international flare like Thai Coconut Chicken soup and Mexican inspired Pork Posole that is perfectly suited for weeknights and entertaining a crowd.

The Whole30 can feel like a revolving door of sweet potatoes, salads and grilled meat. Melissa saves us all from a starchy carb rut with many unique solutions from rutabaga fries to crispy potato patties. Her lemony, spicy Moroccan Chicken with Carrot Pistachio Slaw was such a weeknight hit we made it twice and the Salmon Cakes with Pineapple Salsa perked up a cold January evening with a hint of the tropics.

The Whole30 Cookbook is a perfect introduction to the idea that I personally want to scream from the mountaintops – that clean eating can be healthy AND delicious!

If you’d like a chance to WIN a copy of The Whole30 Cookbook, the kind people at Penguin Random House Canada have sponsored a giveaway for our Canadian readers. Enter below for your chance to win. The contest is open from February 3, 2017, to February 10, 2017. Good luck!

disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, if the links result in a purchase, a very small percentage (at no cost to you) will be shared with me to help with the costs of creating delicious recipes and maintaining this website. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Leslie-Anne! We’ve had this conversation before, but I think I follow the Whole 30 Diet more or less (everyone falls off the wagon sometimes, thought! ;)… but it would be great to actually read the book. Thank you for the opportunity! Enjoy your weekend!

    • Leslie-Anne @ From Pasta to Paleo says:

      Thanks for commenting Justine! I also generally follow a Whole30-ish style diet when I’m not on the Whole30 – and like to embrace those glorious times off the wagon 😉 Good luck!

  2. Earth, Food,and Fire says:

    My wife and I really want to try the whole 30 diet. Any tips for getting started or should we just jump right in? Thank you for sharing your story though, its quite motivating!

    • Leslie-Anne @ From Pasta to Paleo says:

      Thanks for your comment. My advice on the Whole30 is to be prepared with a meal plan and lots of food prepped for that first week. As you’re a Chef as well, I’m sure you won’t have trouble recipe ideas! I personally find having some restrictions is great for getting the old cooking juices flowing again.

  3. Hilary Paige Smith says:

    I am so curious about Whole30. I know tons of people who have had so much success. Will definitely have to explore more of these recipes!

    • Leslie-Anne @ From Pasta to Paleo says:

      Thanks for commenting, Hilary! It really is a great program to try for 30 days and the book is great just for healthy meal inspiration even if you aren’t trying the Whole30.

  4. Carly Williams says:

    These recipes look so good! I have wanted to try Whole30 for a while but I have been a little intimidated by it. I think a book like this would really help me.

    • Leslie-Anne @ From Pasta to Paleo says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Carly! I’d 100% recommend trying the Whole30 and the book is really helpful for meal planning and really highlights all the tasty things you CAN eat.

  5. Francine F. says:

    I’ve been eyeing this book online – it’s nice to see that you’ve tried some of the recipes, and they were hits!

  6. April Ronnecke says:

    I see this book every time I go to Walmart and each time I see it, I’m tempted to buy it. I think your post is a sign to purchase it!

    • Leslie-Anne @ From Pasta to Paleo says:

      Thanks for your comment April. Yes, it is definitely worth a buy! And if you’re Canadian, try to win it on the site!

  7. Sarah James says:

    I’ve often wondered if I would find enough meals to eat if I tried a Paleo diet, now I know there’s plenty of recipes about and they look tasty too. Congratulations on your weight loss, well done.

    • Leslie-Anne @ From Pasta to Paleo says:

      Sarah, thanks for the comment. I can assure you there are so many meals you can eat with a paleo-ish diet. It’s a style of eating that is really delicious and feels good to me – it’s worth trying out, even just for 30 days!

  8. Alyssa Denise says:

    Thanks for this great review! I’ve been thinking about Whole30 since I’ve been hearing about it a lot and you’ve given me some great information. The recipes sound mouthwatering. I’ll have to check out the book! Thank you so much!

    • Leslie-Anne @ From Pasta to Paleo says:

      Thanks Alyssa! The Whole30 is so worthwhile, but can be tough and this book does help Oh, and come see me back here if you do, most of my recipes are Whole30 approved. 😉

  9. Dene' Vicole Alexander says:

    I have always been curious about the whole 30 way of eating. Thanks for posting this book and your knowledge of this way of eating. This books seems like a great starting place!!

    • Leslie-Anne @ From Pasta to Paleo says:

      It is a great starting place! It’s an interesting experiment to try, if you have been curious. It really illuminated my sensitivities and food ‘crutches’. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  10. Gneiss Spice says:

    The Moroccan chicken is my favorite recipe in the book! We’ve made it three times in the past month. I don’t even like chicken. 🙂

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